Exercise Physiology

Accredited Exercise Physiology Services

Exercise Physiology uses prescribed exercise from a qualified and accredited Exercise Physiologist as a treatment to improve health and wellbeing, and specialises in the development of personalised exercise programs to prevent and manage chronic conditions or injury in conjunction with your treating health professionals.


What is an Exercise Physiologist?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are widely recognised as the highest qualified fitness and exercise professionals in Australia. An EP is a university trained and accredited exercise specialist who possesses the knowledge and skills to design exercise and physical activity programs for health, fitness, pain management, rehabilitation and the management of chronic diseases. Exercise Physiologists must adhere to strict criteria in order to maintain their accreditation and stay up to date with the current research in the field.


Am I eligible for Medicare or Health Insurance rebates on Exercise Physiology Services?

Our Exercise Physiology services are eligible for various rebates including those from private health funds, Medicare (GP referred Chronic Disease Management Plan), WorkCover, DVA and TAC. Please check with your health fund provider to see if your health cover is eligible.

What can I expect from an Exercise Physiologist?

Your treating Exercise Physiologist will complete a comprehensive assessment of your health and medical history, and discuss your overall goals. We will work with you to develop a lifestyle strategy that includes tailored exercise to suit your needs and overall health condition, and make sure you are well equipped and have the support to maintain your program long into the future.

Exercise Physiologists typically see people for the management of complex chronic conditions and provide specialised exercise based treatment for a range of health and fitness conditions including:

Injury & surgery rehab

Heart Conditions

Arthritis & osteoporosis

back & joint pain

Obesity & weight loss


Cancer & Stroke rehab

General health

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