Virtual Fitness

There’s no more excuses with our virtual fitness!

Our brand new Fitness On Demand™ service removes all the excuses not to start moving! Our huge variety of classes, from some of the most well known fitness personalities, ensures that there is something for everyone. And coming soon, you can select the class and time to suit you! Watch the video below to see what it’s all about!

Like what you see? Check out our range of scheduled virtual fitness classes below and give it a try!


Intense shadow boxing paired with high intensity interval training.

Cardio Blast

Cardio, strength, balance and agility improvement through multi-plane patterns, on the floor and step.

Dancer Abs

Twists, Arabesques and Port de Bras sequences for a refined dancer’s core without a single crunch.


All round dance class based on elements from high intensity Zumba!

Hard Body

Quick paced routines with fun, fresh moves to deliver an incredible workout and turn your body into a lean high performance machine.

Hip Hop Fat Burn

Keep your workout fresh and have fun with this fat-burning, cardio dance workout that targets the entire body!

Killer Abs

Jillian Michaels killer abs workout will help make your goals a reality with quick, fun workouts that deliver visible results fast.

Latinva Zumba

Innovative freestyle dance fitness program that includes sexy Latin dance steps, Bachata, Cha-Cha, Cumbia, Mambo, Merengue, Salsa and Tango!

Pedal Power

Hill pumping, heart thumping, speed jumping cycle workout which will leave you soaked and spent as you blast away the calories without any impact on your knees

Power Step

Cardio, strength, balance and agility improved through multi-plane patterns, on the floor and step.


Focus on intensity, resistance, duration and RPMs to give you the ultimate cycling workout!


Get functionally strong as a result of this customised barbell strength format class, designed to give you strength and agility and blast those calories!

Summer Shred

High intensity cardio, and strength training that will target every muscle in your body, making these workouts great for fat loss and tone!


Prepare for a unique mind/body experience featuring traditional yoga poses, such as warrior, and sport-influence movement including plyometrics and strength.


Exhilarating total body workout in martial arts. Shadow box through effective punching, kick safely, perform upper cuts and hooks like the pros.

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